Jamie Komorski Alleged Drunk Driver That Killed Miller Refuse To Take Field Sobriety Test

The suspect Jamie Komorski – Police reports claim that the alleged drunk driver involved in the tragic accident in South Carolina that resulted in the death of a newlywed smelled of alcohol and refused to take a field sobriety test after the tragedy.

The affidavits shows that, Jamie Komoroski, 25, also admitted to having one drink and a shot of tequila about an hour prior to the collision that killed 34-year-old Samantha Hutchinson on Friday night.

Soon after the couple’s Folly Beach wedding ceremony, Komoroski allegedly rammed into a golf cart carrying Hutchinson, her new husband Aric Hutchinson, and two relatives. She braked just seconds before hitting the cart while moving at a speed of 65 mph, according to the police.

Sam Hutchinson killed in an accident

The incident claimed Samantha, 34, of North Carolina. According to ABC News, Aric and one relative suffered critical injuries, while the other relative’s condition was listed as stable.

The alleged drunk driver was accused of three charges of drunk driving that resulted in death and reckless vehicular murder. When officers arrived at the crash site, Komoroski reportedly smelled of alcohol and told authorities that her level of intoxication was an 8, according to police records acquired by WCBD.

The age of Jamie Komoroski is 25.

The alleged intoxicated driver refused a sobriety test after a crash that killed a bride, and was then taken into custody.

The papers state that she allegedly admitted to having one tequila drink and one beer around an hour prior to the event.

The driver apparently had trouble standing up straight and “strongly refused and became uncooperative” when asked to perform a field sobriety test, according to documents.

A blood test warrant was issued. The outcomes are still pending. Officers saw the golf cart on its side and numerous people in need of help, according to the affidavits. Samantha passed away suddenly.

Folly Beach Department of Public Safety Chief Andrew Gilreath said the cart was found around 75 yards from the collision even though he could not establish that it rolled. Gilreath said that the golf cart had lights and was acceptable for use.

Five hours after Sam put the ring on Aric’s finger and they exchanged vows, I was given Aric’s wedding band in a plastic bag in the hospital, according to Annette Hutchinson’s statement on the GoFundMe page. “Aric recently lost his true love.

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