Hamada Iqtiet Identified As Six Years Old Killer By Lion In Private Zoo In Gaza

According to police, a 6-year-old boy named Hamada Iqtiet was killed while visiting a private zoo in Gaza with his family. According to the local police force in the besieged coastal territory controlled by the Palestinian militant group Hamas, Hamada died yesterday.

A video has surfaced capturing the horrifying moment when a lion at the Asdaa Park Zoo in the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis attacked and mauled a toddler. According to eyewitnesses, Hamada seemed to be caught between the bars of the cage when the lion seized him.

Bloodstains were observed on the cage bars in the footage from the scene. It is alleged that the young individual slipped through the protective barrier.

A tragic incident occurred at a private zoo in Gaza where a 6-year-old boy was mauled to death by a lion.

As per the statement of police representative Col. Ayman Al-Batniji, Hamada had entered through the fence when he was mauled by the lion.

However, the family of the boy disagrees with this account. According to reports, Hamada was accompanied by his mother and other relatives when he approached a fence where a lion was located. It was at this point that the lion attacked him.

According to the officer, the park was temporarily closed by the police until the completion of the inquiry. It has been reported that a person has been killed by animals in one of the region’s limited private zoos, marking the first such incident on record.

The closure of the zoo has been demanded once again due to concerns over the animals’ welfare in the densely populated and underprivileged Palestinian region. According to reports, the animals are being kept in terrible conditions and have suffered from neglect, malnourishment, and a lack of medical care due to ongoing conflicts between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas government.

Many animals are still present in the two-million-person strip, despite the animal welfare organizations’ numerous rescue efforts. A 12-year-old child was reportedly mauled to death by a tiger earlier this year in Karnataka, southern India.

On February 13, a 75-year-old tribal elder was attacked and killed in the same region where his grandson had been attacked earlier that day. Unfortunately, it has been reported that another member of the family has passed away due to shock upon hearing about the fatalities.

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