Deshayla Harris Star Of Season 17 Of ‘Bad Girls Clubs’ On Oxygens Network Identified As One Of Victim In Virginia Beach Shooting


Deshayla Harris, one of the stars of season 17 of “Bad Girls Club” on the Oxygen network, was one of the victims in Friday night’s shootings in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Police in Virginia Beach have identified Harris, 28, as one of the two victims of one of three separate shootings. According to authorities, Harris was a bystander at the gunshot site in the 300 block of 19th Street.


In response to Harris’ passing, Key Hamilton, a cast member from “Bad Girls Club” season 17, wrote on Instagram, “thank you for always pushing me and supporting me no matter where we were in our friendship.”

According to authorities, three different shootings on Friday in Virginia Beach resulted in ten persons being shot, including two fatalities. A block from where Harris was killed in a second shooting, Donovon Lynch, 25, was shot and killed by a Virginia Beach police officer.


According to a Sentara Health Plans spokesman who talked with CNN, at least four victims of the shootings were still being treated on Sunday at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital. Two of the individuals might be released later on in the afternoon.

According to authorities, the first incident, which was unrelated to the other two shootings that killed Lynch and Harris, looked to have started over a fight on Atlantic Avenue.


According to Virginia Beach Police Officer Paul Neudigate, a disagreement turned physical before shooting broke out. “Numerous people” were injured, according to the police.

Ahmon Adams, 22, Devon Dorsey Jr., 20, and Nyquez Baker, 18, have been named as the three men who have been detained in relation to the incident. Each is accused of numerous offenses, including seven counts of felonious assault, using a handgun to commit a crime, and negligent firearm handling, according to the police.


On Sunday, Neudigate posted images of officers executing search warrants related to the event on Twitter. She thanked the ATF, the Virginia State officers, and the Norfolk Police Department for their help.

In the meantime, a police officer in the area of Virginia Beach “encountered an armed citizen which resulted in a police involved shooting.” Lynch was a male who passed away at the site, according to the police.

Son of a father’s dreams! Wayne Lynch, Lynch’s father, described his son as “intelligent, handsome, a scholar, an athlete, an entrepreneur, and loved by all he came in contact with.” “Rest In Peace, Don!”

According to the lawyer, the family was not granting interviews but they might talk to the media in the coming days. However, at this time, “because of the shock, they just need to exhale,” the lawyer said.

At a news conference held on Saturday night, Police Chief Neudigate revealed that the officer who shot Lynch did not have his body camera activated. The cop has not been named by the police.

According to Neudigate, “I do not currently have the answers that the community is looking for in respect to this death. He claimed the cop had not yet been questioned by investigators at the time.

According to the chief, a firearm was “recovered in the area of where this incident occurred,” disputing rumors that Lynch was unarmed.

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