Deontay Wilder Allegdely Arrested And Charged For Conceal Weapon Possession In Los Angeles

Deontay Wilder was reportedly detained on a charge of conceal weapon possession when police in Los Angeles overnight discovered a 9mm pistol in his vehicle.

According to police, the former heavyweight boxing world champion’s Rolls-Royce contained a pistol.

However, Wilder later declared on social media that “I’d rather be safe than sorry. End”.

According to TMZ, the incident took place at 1:15 am on Tuesday.

In his Rolls-Royce, Wilder was stopped by police in Hollywood.

The heavyweight champion’s vehicle was said to have “illegally tinted windows” and a jammed registration plate.

Police said to TMZ that they searched the car because they could smell “burnt marijuana.”

Then, they discovered marijuana and a 9mm pistol in Wilder’s Rolls-Royce.

The fighter from the United States was detained on suspicion of “hidden possession of weapons.”

According to reports, Wilder appeared “comfortable and sweet” at the moment of his detention.

More than five hours after being stopped, at 6:34 in the morning, he was eventually freed from jail.

Whether Wilder’s arrest will have an impact on the negotiations for a matchup with Anthony Joshua is yet to be seen.

After suffering two straight defeats to Tyson Fury, Wilder triumphed against Robert Helenius in October.

And right now, it’s thought that he plans to settle things with the British hippo AJ in Saudi Arabia.

Wilder has a stunning 97.67% knockout percentage and a stellar 43-2-1 record.

However, a second opportunity to challenge for the WBC championship against Fury has not yet been ruled out.

In the USA, Wilder is from Alabama.

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