Carl Markley Identified As Nurse Practitioner Arrested On Charges Of Sexually Exploiting Minor

Last week, Carl Markley, a 44-year-old nurse practitioner and resident of Ames, was arrested by the police on charges of sexually exploiting a minor.

According to Ames Police, the number of victims has increased from one to ten, putting him in a more serious predicament. According to the police, it has been reported that Markley has been victimizing individuals for over ten years.

McFadden and Allen will not face jail time in the GPS stalking case. According to the police, charges of human trafficking, prostitution, and pimping have been added after investigators obtained new information. The crimes are believed to have occurred as early as 2008.

According to the user, Markley is employed as a nurse practitioner. According to the user, the individual in question is a co-owner of Inside Golf in Ames.

According to the police, during an examination, he allegedly used concealed cameras to take pictures of a minor while they were undressed, resulting in his initial arrest.

According to the police, it has been revealed that Markley paid his victims in exchange for sexual services. Markley has been accused of renting rooms at AmericInn this year to meet with a victim, according to the criminal complaint related to the new pimping charge.

According to police, a signed document was found during a search of the victim’s residence.

According to the police, Markley has been accused of deceiving and defrauding individuals, leading them to participate in paid sexual activities.

According to the complaint, documents dating from 2008 to this year were found during a search of Markley’s home and businesses, indicating that he has been involved in commercial sexual activity.

Athletic physicals were provided to middle and high school students in Ames and Gilbert by Markley. Statements were issued by both school districts to inform parents after Markley’s arrest.

The Ames Police Department is urging individuals who may have been victimized to reach out to them.

According to sources, a preliminary hearing for Markley has been scheduled in Story County court on May 19th.

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