Preschool Teacher Diana Ornelas Arrested For Oliver Waterfall’s Death


Diana Ornelas, 22, was arrested for the death of Oliver Waterfall, 24, which occurred on Wednesday at approximately 3 p.m. On Friday, she was present in court. She was accused of first-degree murder.

According to reports, Diana Ornelas taught young children for nearly two months following the alleged murder. According to sheriff’s deputies, the remains of Waterfall were discovered on a hillside in California in April, although he had been killed a month prior.


The Stanford Community Children’s Center offers childcare services for Stanford University students, staff, and faculty members from 8 weeks to 5 years old. One of the teachers at the center was employed there.

According to Santa Cruz sheriff’s deputies, Ornelas and Novoa were acquainted with Waterfall and the reason behind his murder was “personal”. However, no further details were provided regarding their purported involvement.


In February, Waterfall shared a picture of a blooming cannabis plant on Facebook and referenced Novoa.

Waterfall expressed gratitude towards Dennis Novoa for teaching them how to grow.


The page also features images of psychedelic paraphernalia, stacks of cash, and a firearm.

According to sheriff’s deputies, Waterfall’s body was discovered on a hillside off Highway 9 after being deceased for nearly a month.


According to a message obtained by The Stanford Daily, the school informed parents that the arrest took place while the individual was sleeping and off campus at CCSC.

According to the department, the incident did not disrupt work and the children were not around when it occurred. The community expressed shock and distress upon hearing the news, as CCSC holds a significant place in their hearts.

According to a statement from a spokesperson, the arrest was not connected to the campus community.

According to inmate records at Santa Cruz Prison, Ornelas has been detained without bail on charges of first-degree murder. Novoa has been incarcerated on allegations of first-degree murder, and a bond of $1 million has been established.

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