Marc Ferraiolo Charged With Two Counts Of Attempted Murder Of Police Office After Evesham Twp


According to reports, Marc Ferraiolo is facing two counts of attempted murder of a police officer following an incident in Evesham Township.

According to police, the suspect reportedly hit two patrol cars and drove towards police officers who were attempting to apprehend him outside his residence in the early hours of this morning.


According to the Evesham Police Department, Marc Ferraiolo, a 23-year-old resident of Evesham, New Jersey, was taken into custody on Sunday morning. He has been charged with two counts of first-degree attempted murder of a police officer, as well as two counts of third-degree assault on a police officer with aggravated circumstances.

The individual is facing charges of two counts of third-degree concealment, four counts of criminal disorderly conduct in the fourth degree, and wounding a police dog in the fourth degree.


Ruth Patton, 42, his has been charged with third-degree terrorist threats and fourth-degree obstruction of justice.

According to the Evesham Police Department, a traffic accident was being handled by officers at approximately 1 a.m. on Sunday. As per reports, a white Hyundai sedan was approaching them on Taunton Lake Road at an estimated speed of 80 mph in a 45 mph zone.


According to police, the car appeared to accelerate as it drove past officers who were examining the accident scene. They subsequently relayed a description of the vehicle to other law enforcement personnel in the vicinity.

According to reports, an officer made an attempt to halt traffic at the intersection of Willoughbend and Evans Roads. However, the driver, who was later identified as Ferraiolo, allegedly proceeded to disregard the red light at the intersection.


The vehicle and the suspect were identified by officers who had encountered them before, and as a result, the pursuit was terminated. According to reports, a warrant was obtained for Ferraiolo’s arrest and officers went to his residence to serve it.

Upon arriving at his driveway, Ferraiolo’s passenger, Patton, exited the vehicle. The officers then instructed Ferraiolo to remain in his car while they positioned their own vehicles behind his.

According to police, Ferraiolo allegedly disregarded orders to exit the vehicle and instead accelerated in reverse, veering off the road at a high speed and narrowly avoiding colliding with two officers.

According to the police, Ferraiolo collided with a police car that had a K9 unit inside. He subsequently drove in the direction of two officers, who narrowly avoided being hit when he veered off the road.

According to reports, the suspect drove over the lawns of nearby residents and intentionally collided with the K9 vehicle on three separate occasions before trying to flee the area.

According to reports, Ferraiolo crashed into two additional police cars while attempting to flee, ultimately causing his Hyundai to malfunction. Ferraiolo was approached and pulled out of the car by the police before he could exit.

As per the police, medical attention was provided to him at the scene. Later, he was taken to the hospital for examination.

According to police, when Ferraiolo was extracted from the vehicle, Patton attempted to obstruct their actions and made threats to harm the officers, stating that she would “kill them.”

Patton was arrested at the scene.

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