Kelsie Davies Identified As One Of The Three Victims Of Fatal Car Crash North Of Brisbane


A 13-year-old boy has been charged in connection with a fatal car accident that occurred north of Brisbane, resulting in the deaths of two women and a teenage girl.

According to reports, the impact of the collision also resulted in the death of Sheree Robertson, a 52-year-old nurse who was driving her Mazda vehicle back home after work. A 23-year-old passenger in a Holden was airlifted to a hospital in Brisbane for treatment.


According to reports, the individual who was reportedly driving the Mercedes has been taken to the hospital and subsequently released into police custody. The individual has been charged with three counts of dangerous driving resulting in death and one count of illegal driving.

According to reports of a man fleeing the scene, police are investigating whether there was another passenger in the car with the defendant.


According to the police, Ms. Robertson passed away in a car accident while driving her Mazda back home from work.

At the crash site, nurses and paramedics responded to a report of a critically injured individual who was later identified as a colleague from Maryborough hospital. Despite the individual’s efforts, they unfortunately passed away at the scene.

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