Jeremy Mercier Arrested For Alleged Transporting Fentanyl Worth Three Milllion Dollars To Maine

On Friday, a man aged 41 from Auburn was arrested for allegedly transporting Fentanyl worth three million dollars to Maine.

According to Timothy A. Cougle, the Deputy Chief of Police at the Auburn Police Department, Jeremy Mercier was arrested at a local Auburn restaurant after he inquired about a shipment he was anticipating to receive at the establishment.

According to Auburn Deputy Police Chief Timothy Cogle, law enforcement officials discovered a plastic bag that they believe contained 31 pounds of fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid. The estimated market value of the substance is $3 million.

The bag bore the restaurant’s address, but the name on it did not match any employee’s, the staff who opened it reported seeing what appeared to be drugs, prompting them to notify the police.

A box originating from Arizona was transported to a location approximately 30 miles north of Portland, Maine. Upon arrival, it was delivered to the local police department. Following a chemical examination, it was determined that the box contained fentanyl.

According to the police, approximately an hour later, the individual whose name was listed on the shipment arrived at the location in search of the crate. However, upon arrival, the individual was taken into custody.

According to official reports, Jeremy Mercier, a 41-year-old resident of Auburn, has been charged with drug-related offenses and violations of his bail conditions. The individual is currently detained in the county jail and has not been granted bail. It is unclear whether he had legal representation.

Mercier has a previous criminal record for federal drug possession charges in 2007.

According to Coogle, the investigation is still ongoing and he anticipates the participation of state and federal law enforcement.

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