Addi Siscel Student At Francis Howell High School Involved In Fatal Automobile Accident


According to reports, a fatal automobile accident claimed the life of Addi Siscel, who was a student at Francis Howell High School.

As per a report dated April 30, it has been reported that Addi Siscel passed away due to injuries sustained in the accident. However, the authorities have not yet released much information regarding her death in Missouri.


According to Francis Howell’s Facebook cheerleading page, the FHHS Cheer family is deeply saddened by the passing of Addi Siscel. Addi was described as a beacon of hope by the user, who added that Addi always encouraged them to be their best selves.

The team will miss the individual’s cheerful presence on the sidelines, but they acknowledge that their spirit will remain with them. The speaker promises to work diligently and make the listener proud while requesting them to monitor their progress. The message reads, “Rest easy, beautiful girl, and fly high.”


The Francis Howell Cheer Boosters have created a GoFundMe page for the child, with the intention of using all donations to support Addi’s family with funeral and memorial costs. At the time of reporting, the fundraiser has collected $4,460 out of its $5,000 goal.

According to reports, the GoFundMe page received numerous tributes in memory of Siscel. One individual left a message saying, “Rest in peace sweet girl.”


The user expressed their happiness about having seen the reporter again recently. The user stated that they will never forget their fourth-grade adventures. The second person expressed their love for the sweet girl and made a promise to always remember her.

In addition, the FH Viking Cheer Facebook page was inundated with comments in honor of the student. A commenter described the person in the image as a sweet and beautiful young lady. According to sources, there is a strong sentiment that she will be deeply missed.


The reporter sends hugs and prayers to the family of the person in question. Another person expressed their ongoing prayers to Addi’s family, as well as all the other families, loved ones, friends, and the Howell community/family affected by the situation.

The third expressed their condolences, saying “Heartbreaking… prayers to all who knew and loved her!” The fourth user exclaimed, “Oh no.” The reporter requests that readers keep the woman and her family in their prayers.

The sixth remarked that the person in question was very young. The user expressed their desire for prayers to be offered for all individuals.


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