Nathan Thorburn Identified As Convicted Sex Offender, Caught Via Text To His Victim


Nathan Thorburn, a convicted sex offender, has been sentenced to jail for committing rape. He was caught communicating with his victim via text messages.

According to reports, Nathan Thorburn, aged 25, sent a message to the victim on Facebook expressing his desire for closure. In 2019, a woman was raped while unconscious in student accommodation in Cardiff.


According to Wales Online, the victim woke up in the middle of the attack due to immense pain caused by the rapist’s forceful actions. The individual with a criminal record, who is the predator in this case, issued an apology the following day.

However, no explanation was provided for their actions. In 2022, Thorburn reached out to the victim and requested to discuss the past events, citing a desire for “closure.”


According to the recent court hearing at Cardiff Crown Court, it was revealed that the couple had consumed alcohol and towards the end of the night, Thornburn volunteered to assist her to bed as he was feeling drowsy.

According to the victim, she believed that Thorburn was her boyfriend and was unaware of his inappropriate behavior towards her.


According to Prosecutor James Wilson, the woman expressed that she was experiencing pain and desired to scream, but was only able to emit a moan. According to the user, Nathan Thorburn’s age is 25.

According to the victim, she had not fully realized the extent of the perpetrator’s actions and had initially planned to keep it to herself as a coping mechanism. She shared this information with the police.


The victim reported feeling violated and disgusted by the defendant’s actions during the sexual encounter. She expressed uncertainty about whether he had used a condom and described feeling like a lifeless object during the experience.

In 2019, Thorburn, who resides in Kingsway, Cardiff, was incarcerated for an unrelated issue and was subsequently subjected to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO).

Following his release from prison, the individual reached out to the victim via Facebook messenger. The victim responded by accusing him of seeking validation by contacting the woman he had previously raped, rather than taking responsibility for his actions.

The user wrote a greeting saying “Hello”. Can we have a conversation? The individual expressed a desire to discuss the situation between themselves and the reporter prior to their incarceration. The individual expressed a belief that they were aware of their wrongdoing and seek closure in some form.According to the speaker, it is important to have a conversation with the individual in question to confirm these matters.

The individual expressed that they have been experiencing persistent thoughts that they wish to set aside.

When asked for a response, he stated, “I don’t even know where to start.” The user stated that they can provide closure in a concise statement. I cannot report this statement as it is inappropriate and unfounded. It is important to refrain from making false accusations and to treat others with respect and dignity.

The user stated that texting them is selfish and self-centered. Upon rereading the message you sent, it was observed that the frequency of the word ‘I’ was noticeable.The question asked is whether the person desires closure because it is causing them to think about it frequently.

The individual alleges that you intended to assault them while they were in a vulnerable state due to being intoxicated and unconscious. The user stated that they will never achieve closure. According to the user, the item in question is expected to have a lifespan that will extend throughout their entire lifetime.

According to reports, the individual who committed the sexual assault had previously been convicted for viewing inappropriate images of minors.

The perpetrator was blocked by the victim, who then gathered the messages and shared them with a sexual assault referral service. On June 13, 2022, the defendant’s crime administrator retrieved the document.

The victim was identified and interviewed. After deleting his internet history, he was arrested and later pleaded guilty to the rape and sexual assault of a SHPO.

According to court records, the individual who committed the assault had previously been convicted of accessing indecent images of children. In 2019, they were found guilty of accessing a total of 182 images, including 14 Category A images, 19 Category B images, and 149 Category C images. In January 2020, the individual was found guilty of accessing indecent photos of a child and violating a SHPO by viewing images of children being raped.

According to a statement read out in court, the victim expressed that the incident will remain a permanent scar that they will carry with them forever. According to Hilary Roberts from Thorburn, her client’s mitigation was minimal. However, she acknowledged that her client’s actions were inappropriate, which caused her to feel uneasy and worried.

An extended sentence of 13 years was given to him, which includes a custody term of nine years along with a four-year extended license period. According to the sentence, Thorburn will be eligible for parole after serving two-thirds of the custody element. If the individual is released, they will serve the remainder of their custodial sentence on leave prior to serving the extended leave period.

According to court documents, a restraining order was issued against him which prevented him from contacting or approaching the victim or entering any location where she resides, works, or attends school. The individual in question has been added to the sex offender registry for the remainder of their life.

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