16 Years Old Suspect Crash Stolen Vehicle Into VIA Bus

According to the San Antonio Police Department, a stolen car was crashed into a VIA bus on Sunday afternoon by a teenager who had an active felony warrant.

According to SAPD, a call was received regarding a suspicious vehicle on the east side. According to reports, the vehicle was heading south on Lockhart Street when a police officer began following it. The driver of the vehicle then accelerated and collided with a VIA bus that was traveling eastbound on Hays Street.

According to reports, the suspect fled on foot but was unable to go far due to a severe laceration that was causing him to bleed. He was caught by the police and they started administering first aid to him. According to reports, the bus driver sustained minor injuries. According to the police, there were a small number of passengers on the bus, but fortunately, they did not sustain any injuries.

According to the police, the driver was a 16-year-old boy who had an outstanding felony warrant for aggravated assault. According to sources, the vehicle in question, identified as a maroon Hyundai, was reported stolen. Upon conducting a search of the vehicle, law enforcement officials discovered a loaded firearm. According to their statement, illegal narcotics were discovered on the suspect at the hospital.

According to the police, the suspect is expected to face charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, unlawfully carrying a handgun, and drug charges in addition to the aggravated assault charge that he was already facing. It is possible that he could face charges for not stopping and providing assistance.

According to the police, the individual is currently under custody at the hospital, and authorities are attempting to reach out to his relatives. Upon his discharge from the hospital, he will be transported to the Bexar County juvenile detention center.

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