Terry Alexander Identified As Suspect In Fatal MetroLink Train Shooting That Left 1 Person dead

On Saturday afternoon, a man was fatally shot while aboard a MetroLink train at the Maplewood-Manchester station.

According to reports, Terry Alexander, 69, of Maffitt Avenue, has been identified as the suspect. According to official records, Alexander is facing charges of Murder Second Degree and Armed Criminal Action. 21-year-old Malachi Brown, of Bates Street, has been identified as the victim.

There have been two shootings on a MetroLink this month, the most recent occurring after a shooting in East St. Louis two weeks ago.

According to Gwendolyn Jones, the area is open to any kind of gang activity and violence.

This afternoon, Jones was spotted waiting for the Metro near Union Station. Although she takes it out of necessity, she expressed concerns about its safety.

According to the speaker, the bench has been subjected to various activities such as being used as a platform for physical altercations and being littered with trash. Jones stated that it is not safe.

According to a probable cause statement released on Sunday, an argument broke out between two men on the MetroLink train. According to reports, Alexander allegedly discharged a firearm.

According to the police, Alexander managed to gain possession of both firearms after a physical altercation, despite the victim having fired back with his own weapon. Upon the train’s arrival at the next stop, he was apprehended by authorities.

The victim was pronounced dead at the hospital after being found by deputies with multiple gunshot wounds. The investigation is being led by detectives from the St. Louis County Bureau of Crimes Against Persons.

According to Kevin B. Scott, the General Manager for Security at Bi-State Development, the organization is disappointed when any incident occurs on their transit system or in the city.

However, they acknowledge that they cannot entirely prevent crime from happening in the region and spilling over onto their transit system.

According to riders interviewed, their experiences on the Metro can vary greatly in terms of safety. Some riders reported feeling secure, while others expressed concerns.

According to a rider, there were some unpredictable individuals on the bus earlier, and the situation was uncertain.

According to Metro Transit, they have announced upcoming improvements, particularly regarding their Secure Platform Plan Project.

New video surveillance, fencing, and large turnstiles are reportedly planned for the entrance at all 38 stations. According to the report, Phase One will concentrate on stations located in Illinois.

According to sources, there is a possibility that the Metro’s policy regarding firearms may be subject to revision in the near future.

A bill has been passed by the Missouri House of Representatives which permits individuals with concealed carry permits to carry firearms on public transportation.

There were varying opinions among people regarding that.

David Johnson stated, “That action is contributing to the issue. It is incorrect.”

According to Sterling Garrett, the app could potentially assist someone in a difficult situation.

Can you provide details on what occurred with this individual today? Garrett suggested that if he had a gun, he would likely be able to defend himself.

The bill would still need to be passed by the Missouri Senate during the final two weeks of the legislative session.

According to Metro Transit, they are currently in the process of recruiting approximately 200 new drivers to fill open positions. However, due to the shortage of drivers, they have had to reduce the number of routes in order to maintain dependable service.

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