Karim Abou Najm Identified As Victim Of Violent Attack At Sycamore Park


The victim of the violent attack that took place at Sycamore Park has been identified by the Yolo County Coroner’s Office as Karim Abou Najm. Najm was a 20-year-old UC Davis student and a graduate of Davis High School.

The identification was made on April 30, 2023. According to the Davis Police Department, the case is being investigated as a homicide. After an extensive search of the park and its surrounding area, with the assistance of other Yolo County law enforcement agencies and the use of canines and drones, the suspect remains at large.


According to reports, the suspect is a male with light skin, potentially of Hispanic descent, standing between 5’7″ and 5’8″ in height and estimated to be between 19 and 23 years old. The suspect is said to have long, curly, and loose hair. According to reports, the individual was last spotted donning a light-colored T-shirt with a button-up shirt layered on top, while riding a men’s bike equipped with straight handlebars.

A second fatal stabbing has occurred in Davis within the past four days. According to investigators, there are some similarities between the two violent crimes, including the use of a knife and the brutality of the attacks.


However, at this time, there is no evidence to suggest that the victims are connected in any way. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are working to determine whether the two incidents are related.

According to the Davis Police Department, they are collaborating with various law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI and the California Department of Justice, to aid in their current investigation.


This morning, the Davis Police Department sent safety notifications to the public in order to prevent contamination of the scene and surrounding areas. Additionally, the notifications were intended to prevent the suspect from being tipped off, which could allow for the destruction of evidence.

According to authorities, officers are still investigating the case and have made arrests on unrelated charges or outstanding warrants based on tips received. However, none of these individuals have been connected to the murders at this time.


According to sources, officers contacted an individual of interest within a 5-block radius of the crime scene who closely resembled the suspect description. Physical evidence has been collected and a search warrant has been issued for a location in Davis that the subject is associated with.

The individual was taken into custody and transferred to Yolo County Jail due to an outstanding warrant from Placer County. The warrant was issued for charges of public intoxication and resisting arrest.

According to the Department, there is an understanding of the uncertainty, fear, and panic that is currently emerging within the community. A substantial number of extra officers have been deployed to conduct directed patrols around schools and parks, and to ensure an enhanced public safety presence throughout the City, according to official sources.

The community is being strongly advised to exercise caution and stay alert. If anyone exhibiting violent or suspicious behavior or fitting the given description is spotted, it is recommended to immediately contact the Davis Police Department.

The Davis Police Department is requesting anyone with information regarding the aforementioned crimes to contact them via phone at 530-747-5400 or email at [email protected]. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you may call their tip line at 530-747-5460.

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