Francisco Oropeza Identified As Suspect In Texas Home Shooting: 5 Killed And Identified

On Sunday, the search for the suspect in a shooting at a rural Texas home that resulted in the death of five individuals was intensifying. The homeowner was in a state of shock, and the community was grieving and frightened.

The victims of the incident have been identified by authorities as Julisa Molina Rivera, aged 31; Sonia Argentina Guzman, aged 25; Diana Velazquez Alvarado, aged 21; Jose Jonathan Casarez, aged 18; and Daniel Enrique Laso, aged 8. Four individuals lost their lives at the location of the incident, while Daniel passed away at a medical facility shortly following the shooting that occurred on Friday evening.

According to authorities, Francisco Oropeza, aged 38, was shooting a firearm in his yard close to the town of Cleveland, which is situated to the north of Houston. Neighbors reportedly requested him to cease firing as a young child was attempting to sleep.

According to Oropeza, he had the right to engage in any activity on his property and therefore, he dismissed the complaint. According to San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers, the confrontation rapidly intensified.

According to Capers, he walked up the driveway with a rifle in hand.

According to video footage obtained from the house, the suspect was seen approaching the front door. According to Capers, there were 10 individuals present in the residence during the shooting.

According to reports, two victims were discovered positioned over surviving children, suggesting that they made a valiant attempt to protect them.

A shooting incident was reported by a homeowner who described a clash that led to the incident.
Wilson According to KTRK-TV, Garcia, the owner of the residence where the incident occurred, reported that his wife and 8-year-old son were among the fatalities.

According to Garcia, he had been living there for three years without any issues with his neighbor until Friday. According to Garcia, his family was in the process of preparing a meal when the suspect initiated gunfire on his own property. According to Garcia, he informed the individual that he intended to contact the authorities.

According to Garcia, she requested the individual to refrain from shooting in the area as her infant was frightened.

According to Garcia, his wife was shot while standing on the porch. According to the witness, the gunman searched each room for people. According to Garcia, two additional women were killed while protecting a baby in a crib. According to the individual, he escaped and the assailant attempted to shoot him several times but was unsuccessful.

Garcia expressed disbelief regarding his actions. According to the witness, an individual entered the residence with a firearm, causing distress and shock.

Authorities have seized an AR-15-style rifle. According to Capers, authorities were conducting a widespread search as the suspect’s whereabouts were unknown and he could be anywhere at this point.

According to Capers, the items recovered include a cellphone, clothing, and the AR-15-style rifle that was used in the shooting. According to Capers, more weapons were found during a search of the suspect’s home.

The search was being aided by officers, dogs, and drones. The residents of Cleveland, a town with a population of 7,500 located 45 miles north of Houston, have been advised to stay vigilant and secure their doors.

The advice given is to remain inside your residence. The reporter advises readers to remain vigilant. “Please keep your eyes open,” advised the reporter. Capers urged people to report anything they see. According to reports, the individual in question is considered to be highly dangerous and may be armed.

According to Capers, deputies had previously visited Oropeza’s residence and addressed the issue of shooting in the yard. However, it is unclear whether any legal measures were taken.

According to Capers, it is possible for firing a gun on one’s own property to be considered illegal. However, he did not confirm whether Oropeza had a history of breaking the law.

According to a neighbor, the suspect allegedly made a threat to harm their dog.
According to Capers, all the victims were shot in the head area in a “execution style.”

According to Rene Arevalo Sr., who resides in the vicinity, he heard gunshots at approximately midnight. However, he did not find it unusual and dismissed it as a routine incident.

According to Arevalo, Oropeza allegedly made a threat to kill his dog after it escaped and pursued Oropeza’s pit bull while he was driving his truck in the neighborhood.

The husband stated, “I frequently advise my wife to avoid interacting with our neighbors.” The advice given is to avoid arguing with the other party. ” ‘You never know how they’re going to react,’ ” stated Arevalo.

The individual stated that they informed someone that Texas is a state where it is uncertain who possesses a firearm and how they may respond.


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