Suspect Armed With AR-15 Is On The Loose; Kills Five In Texas ‘execution-style’ Shooting


According to police, five people were shot dead inside a house by a man with an AR-15-style gun. Cleveland, Texas, a tiny town about 55 miles north of Houston, was the scene of the incident when authorities from the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office got a complaint regarding harassment at about 11:31 p.m. local time.

However, police said that when the authorities got to the scene, they discovered several victims who had been shot at the building.


The shooting’s youngest victim was 8 years old, and two female casualties were found in the bedroom lying on top of two still living children, according to investigators, according to ABC News.

Authorities describe the suspect as a male from Mexico who is intoxicated and has an AR-15-style rifle. They are looking for a Hispanic male who is about 5’8″ tall, last seen with short black hair, wearing black work boots, a black shirt, and blue pants.


According to the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office, “The Mexican male subject, he has been known to shoot his 223 out in his front yard, which is evident by the shell casings that are laying in the front yard,”

When the authorities came, there were at least 10 persons inside the house, and the victims ranged in age from eight to forty.


Cleveland, Texas locals are being urged to “stay inside [and] stay clear” of the crime site until it has been thoroughly investigated.

Police confirmed that all of the shootings occurred in one home, that the victims were all from Honduras, that four of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene, and that the other victim was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital, but they did not reveal the suspect’s name, age, or potential relationship to the victims.


Even though the suspect is on the run, police stated they do not think he is currently in the neighborhood, despite the fact that this is a live crime scene and investigation.

All of the victims were shot from the neck up, “almost execution style,” according to San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers, who spoke to ABC News’ Houston station KTRK.

“Everybody that was shot was shot from the neck up almost execution style, basically in the head,” he claimed.

Capers claimed that although they have identified the gunman and think he is about 10 to 12 miles from the shooting scene, they have not yet been successful in finding him.

Every minute of every hour, Capers stated, “We are getting closer to him, but we know who he is.” He is a Mexican. The victims came from Honduras themselves.

Capers also mentioned how some victims seemed to be protecting their kids. Police discovered two dead bodies in the bedroom of the residence on top of bloody, undamaged victims.

According to Capers, “I think they were actually trying to care for the babies and keep them babies alive. “Veronica Pineda, a neighbor, told KTRK that she has gotten accustomed to hearing her neighbors shoot guns in the neighborhood.

She told KTRK that shootings were “always, always happening.” “People call the police all the time, but nothing ever gets done.”

She claimed that the sound of gunfire in the middle of the night was typical and that neighbors would routinely shoot weapons on weekends and during holidays.

My two young children were afraid while we were in bed, but we assured them that it was usual because they were constantly shooting.

She claimed that although she didn’t really know the alleged gunman, she would wave to him whenever he passed by with his horses.According to Capers, the shooter reportedly entered the home where the shooting occurred after neighbors requested him to be quiet because a baby was attempting to sleep.

“From what I hear, the victims approached the fence and asked, ‘Hey, why don’t you shoot out in the yard? He was drunk when he said, “I’ll do what I want to in my front yard,” Capers told KTRK. We have a tiny baby who is attempting to fall asleep.

The gunman was rumored to practice in his front yard with an AR-15-style firearm. According to Capers, after the shooting, police conducted a search of the home and discovered two other guns. Capers additionally affirmed that they are speaking with the shooter’s wife.

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