Details Of Two Women Killed In Nepean Hospital Carpark Explained

The terrible moments before two ladies were killed when a car struck a pedestrian in a Sydney hospital parking lot have been described by a witness.

On Thursday around 3:20 pm, emergency personnel were summoned to the Nepean Hospital parking lot on Derby Street in Kingswood.

A 55-year-old woman is thought to have been waiting at a boom gate as she attempted to leave the hospital’s parking lot.

She struck a 59-year-old pedestrian who was walking close to a ticket machine after reversing into another car and speeding forward for around 30 meters.

The pedestrian and the driver were both ass. The driver of the other vehicle that had been reversed into, a lady in her 30s, was given shock treatment.

The incident was witnessed by a witness who was waiting at a neighboring boom gate as she left an appointment. She said it was “very horrific to see” what transpired.

The anonymous witness stated that,”The boom gate didn’t open so I had to press the intercom, and while I was pressing that intercom I heard a lot of screeching from the car park.”

“I saw this car launch the next moment, and it was in the air. Driven off the road and into a wall.Caught but were declared dead at the scene despite the efforts of the paramedics.

The witness claimed that if the boom gate she was waiting at had opened, the situation might have been extremely different.

The frightening part is that we probably would have been struck by her.

Melinda Nicholls was one of the victims of the tragedy who was slain.

Police are currently investigating whether a medical incident was to fault.

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