David Yates Identified As Man Found Dead In Reservoir; Wanted For Murder Of His Teacher fiancée


The body of David Yates, the partner of murdered pregnant teacher Marelle Sturrock, has been formally identified by police. Yates was sought after in relation to the slaying of Marelle, 35.

According to a statement from Police Scotland, David Yates, 36, has officially been identified as the body of a man found yesterday after searches of Mugdock Reservoir. The cause of his death is not being investigated.


“Yates was sought after in relation to his partner Marelle Sturrock’s murder. On Tuesday, April 25, 2023, the 35-year-old woman was discovered dead in her Glasgow, Jura Street, residence.

Ms. Sturrock, who was 29 weeks pregnant, was found on Tuesday morning at a residence in Glasgow after coworkers became concerned when she failed to arrive for work as a primary school teacher.


“My wife walked by when they were at the house,” he added. They appeared anxious as they knocked on the door. I believe her absence from work caused some concern.

“We came across the police here a few hours later. When we found out what had happened to Marelle, we experienced the shock of our lives. It’s terrible. I’m in disbelief.We all miss her terribly. She loved and made time for everyone and was a nice, kind, responsible, and caring person.


Just a few hours before she was discovered dead at her home, Marelle was pictured having a fun night out for dinner with friends.

The previous evening, Marelle posted a picture of herself and some companions grinning while sitting at a restaurant table and perusing the menus on social media.Alec Nicholson, a friend, paid tribute to Ms. Sturrock on Thursday, calling her a “kind” and “exceptionally beautiful” woman.


He told the Mirror: “She was just an exceptionally beautiful human. I mean, of course, anyone would say that about someone whose loss they’re mourning, but she really was incredibly special. So beautiful, so talented, but so kind.”

He added: “It’s very shocking and we’re all struggling to comprehend how it’s possible. Just a lovely, lovely girl.”

Tragically, it was discovered that her unborn child had not survived.

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