3 Killed And 1 Injured In Northeast Philly Shooting


According to reports, a shooting incident occurred at a residence in Northeast Philadelphia on Friday, resulting in the death of three individuals and one person sustaining injuries.

At approximately 3:30 p.m., police were called to investigate reports of gunshots in the vicinity of the 5900 block of Palmetto Street, near Rising Sun Avenue. Upon arriving at the scene, three individuals were discovered to have been fatally shot.


The victims have been identified as Malik Ballard, 17, from Castor Avenue, Khalif Frezghi, 18, from East Pleasant Street, and Salah Fleming, 14, from West Montgomery Avenue. According to the police, the bodies were found in various locations including the doorway of the house, on the porch, and on the sidewalk.

According to the police, a 16-year-old with a gunshot wound to the stomach was brought to a nearby hospital by a private vehicle at approximately the same time. The vehicle, which contained a firearm, was found by the police.


They also discovered two individuals, aged 15 and 16, who they suspect left the 16-year-old behind. The charges against the two individuals are related to the violation of the Uniforms Firearm Act.

According to reports, the teenager is anticipated to make a full recovery from the injuries sustained.


According to neighbor Shierea Owens, she was moved to tears when she had to describe the events taking place to her 7-year-old daughter while they were walking through their typically peaceful neighborhood and stumbled upon a crime scene.

According to the witness, upon turning the corner, they observed a group of police officers. Upon approaching the scene, they inquired about the situation and were informed that it involved children.


The witness expressed a belief that the community must strive to improve in such circumstances. The speaker emphasized the importance of taking accountability.

At present, there is no additional information available regarding the reason behind the shooting and any possible connection between the two incidents.

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