Ruth Belle Waymire Dismembered Body Found In Washington Positively Identified Almost 40 Years Later

According to reports, in April 1998, a skull was discovered by a woman walking her dog in a vacant lot. Police officials suspected that the skull might be linked to the 1984 case. In 2001, it was discovered that the skull matched the torso due to advancements in DNA technology, according to police. The information was uploaded to the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), but no positive identification or results were obtained, according to officials.

According to the Spokane Police Department, the victim was given the name Millie after a detective’s daughter expressed that everyone deserves to have a name.

A forensic drawing and facial reconstruction have been released by investigators one year after the discovery of a skull in the lot. In 2007, the individual’s information was reportedly uploaded to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System. The outcome remained unsuccessful.

In 2021, DNA from Millie’s torso was sent to Othram by Spokane Police Sgt. Zac Storment. Othram utilized the DNA sample to generate a profile of Millie and identified a roster of possible relatives by accessing genealogical databases. According to reports, detectives have spoken with a relative in Spokane who provided their DNA. According to sources, the relative’s DNA was used to narrow down the possibilities to two women, one of whom is believed to be Millie. The other woman in Oklahoma City was located by investigators, and she provided a DNA sample.

According to reports, Anilus and Rosnie Frederic, who work at a hospital, allegedly stole and discarded an urn containing the ashes of a couple’s stillborn baby.


On February 17th, it was confirmed by Othram that there is a sibling relationship between Millie and another woman. Ruth Belle Waymire was identified.

Spokane Police reported that Waymire’s parents got divorced when she was young. According to the user, the two siblings resided in Spokane with their mother. Unfortunately, their mother passed away not long after. According to the police, Waymire and her sister went their separate ways and did not maintain communication.

According to sources, Waymire was not reported missing due to her nomadic lifestyle, which involved frequent stays in both Wenatchee and Spokane.

At the time of her death, she was 24 years old.

According to Spokane Police, it has been reported that Waymire was married to her second husband and had given birth approximately one or two years prior to her passing. According to reports, Trampas D.L. Vaughn, Waymire’s former husband, had served time in an Iowa prison prior to relocating to the Pacific Northwest. It is worth noting that there is no evidence of a divorce between the two. According to reports, Vaughn passed away in 2017. The Spokane Police have not excluded him as a suspect. According to reports, the woman’s first husband is said to be residing in Spokane and is reportedly cooperating with investigators.

The identity of Ruth’s child remains unknown, according to Spokane Police.

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