Patty Raynes, a Manhattan socialiteFound Dead In Palm Beach Home


Patty Raynes, a Manhattan socialite, was discovered deceased in her Wellington, Florida residence by her housekeeper on Thursday morning. The cause of death has not been officially announced by the authorities. However, according to the family, the deceased individual passed away due to complications related to asthma.

According to a representative, Barbara Davis, the mother of Patty Davis Raynes, expressed her family’s grief over her daughter’s sudden death. Earlier today, a daughter passed away due to an asthma infection, causing devastation for the family. According to the statement, Patty’s departure has left an irreplaceable void in their hearts. The individual expressed gratitude for the thoughts, prayers, and privacy given during an extremely difficult period.


According to the representative, Raynes, an accomplished equestrian, was hospitalized last week due to severe asthma that made it difficult for her to breathe.

According to other sources, she was reportedly scheduled to have lunch with friends in Palm Beach on Thursday and was planning to return to New York over the weekend after spending the winter in Florida, where she enjoyed horseback riding. According to our sources, Nancy Davis is reportedly inquiring about her sister’s recent activities within the past few weeks.


Patty Raynes, a socialite, was discovered deceased in her Palm Beach residence on Thursday morning. The image was captured by Patrick McMullan through Getty Images.
Rayne, the firstborn child of the deceased oil magnate Marvin Davis, came from a family that served as one of the muses for the Carringtons in Aaron Spelling’s legendary drama series “Dynasty.” In 1985, Andy Warhol created a portrait featuring a woman and her toddler son, Nick. The woman has since become immortalized through this artwork.

In 2017, a man named Nick was discovered deceased in his Manhattan residence due to an overdose.


According to sources, Patty has been struggling with dark days and hasn’t been the same since the passing of someone close to them. According to another source, the individual in question has been gradually returning to their former self after experiencing a significant amount of loss in recent years.

Raynes has been coping with the loss of her son, Nick, who died from a drug overdose in 2017. WireImage
Marvin, the user’s father, was known for his ownership of 20th Century Fox, Aspen Ski Company, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and other notable assets. Patty filed a lawsuit against her siblings, mother, and family advisers, alleging that they assisted her father in embezzling funds from her trust. According to reports, the dispute was resolved by her in 2008 and it has been said that she remained separated from her family until the passing of Nick.

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