Hannah Landon Identified As Father’s Girlfriend Accused Of Killing 6-Year-Old, Leaving Body In Bucket On Mother’s Front Lawn

According to officials, the body of a 6-year-old girl was discovered inside a plastic bucket that had been left on the front lawn of her biological mother’s residence in Harahan. The child had been murdered.

Hannah Landon has been arrested by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. She is the girlfriend of the girl’s father. Landon was located by the authorities at a nearby hospital and subsequently arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder and obstruction of justice.

Bella Fontenelle, a kindergarten student at St. Matthew the Apostle Catholic School in River Ridge, has been identified as the victim. According to an autopsy report, the cause of the girl’s death was determined to be homicide. Additionally, the body exhibited signs consistent with this conclusion.

Sheriff Joe Lopinto reported that the father of the girl informed the authorities about his girlfriend and youngest daughter being missing at approximately 7:30 a.m. on April 26. The father discovered that they were not present in their residence located on Donelon Drive.

According to Lopinto, it is believed by investigators that Landon killed the girl at the home the night before. The body was then placed in a 10-gallon chlorine bucket with a lid and transported in a wagon to the residence of the girl’s biological mother, which is located just over a block away on Sedgefield Drive.

According to Lopinto, the detectives have not yet interviewed Landon and have not established a motive for the killing.

According to reports, the older sister of the victim, who was present at the residence on the previous evening, did not sustain any injuries.

The motive behind the suspect’s decision to bring a bucket to the residence of her boyfriend’s former spouse is currently unclear.

According to reports, police were provided with surveillance camera footage by a neighbor which allegedly showed a woman calmly pulling a wagon down a sidewalk while carrying a white bucket.

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