Buddy Bryan Identified As Dead Victim Following High-Speed Chase Near Upatoi

One person has been reported dead following a high-speed chase near Upatoi.

On April 28 at 2 a.m., officials reported that a crash took place while the suspect in a police chase was attempting to evade the Georgia State Patrol. The suspect was reportedly driving at a high speed of 130 miles per hour. In the area of Macon Road and Fulton Road, near Upatoi, the suspect lost control of their vehicle and crossed the median into oncoming traffic.

The victim in the crash has been identified as 19-year-old Andrew Miles Hardie, according to Muscogee County Coroner Buddy Bryan. Hardie was a passenger in the vehicle.

According to reports, the vehicle was occupied by three individuals.

According to GSP, an autopsy has been requested as the driver is facing charges of felony murder. The identity of the driver has not been disclosed yet.

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